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Engaging children in many fun and educational activities. We have a large emphasis on Art, Exercise, Storytelling, Cookery, Splash time and other activities. 


During the exercise portion of the day we will emphasis the importance of physical development through different forms such as Yoga, Karate, kickboxing, Tumble Tots etc.


Along with exercise we will encourage healthy eating habits and teach children how to make a variety of healthy snacks in cookery activities

Activities done during the day

  • Kitchen Fun/cooking/baking 

  • Messy Play

  • Water Play/swimming 

  • Story Time

  • Music and Movement/ nursery rhymes and songs 

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Field trips

  • Face painting

  • Birthday parties

  • Special Events(safety week, health and hygiene week....etc 

  • Group activities and games 


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