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Experiential Learning


Experiential learning refers to the, process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of the experience of the learner, who is at the centre of the learning process. 


Experiential learning (or "learning by doing" or "hands-on learning") permeates every part of the Little Brooks curriculum, at all levels.


Experiential learning is an innovative approach to education in which preschool students actively engage in relevant, authentic experiences that reinforce academic lessons or teach skills. These hands-on experiences deepen understanding and have lasting impact. Students make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves instead of relying solely on the experiences of others. 


Experiential learning at LIttle Brooks is more than just one field trip to see a "real world" example of what the students have been seeing in class. It is structuring the curriculum so the students can experiment  for themselves and meaningful engagement with the subject.


The student does not passively receive information from a teacher, but actively participates in the work.


Our light-filled school, Lego play centre and outdoor garden act as a "third teacher," our place for laughter-filled magical play, exploration and discovery. Within this protective environment, we infuse the children's days with respect, friendship, compassion, generosity and courage.

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