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The Elves Save the Day - Christmas Stories


It was the biggest moment of the year at the North Pole. All eight reindeer were hitched up, and Santa’s sleigh was flying across the Christmas Eve sky. The elves waved good-bye, cheering for Santa and the reindeer as they began their trip to deliver toys.

“Well, let’s go back in the workshop,” Burt said to the elves. “It’s time for us to clean up for the day.”


As the elves put away their tools and swept the floor, Bud realized that a teddy bear little Jessica wanted for Christmas had been left behind. “Oh, no!” Bud said. “We accidentally put a stuffed puppy dog in Santa’s bag for Jessica instead of a teddy bear!”


Bud quickly called Santa on the reindeer radio to tell him the bad news.

“Jessica will be heartbroken if she gets a stuffed puppy dog instead of a teddy bear,” said Santa.

“Why don’t you and the elf emergency crew meet me at my next stop and bring Jessica’s teddy bear.”


So Bud and the elf emergency crew took off on their flying reindeer with the teddy bear to meet Santa’s sleigh.

They flew all around the world until Bud spotted Santa’s sleigh on a house rooftop delivering toys.

“There’s Santa’s sleigh!“ exclaimed Bud. “Let’s go!”


The elf emergency crew quickly landed their reindeer on the rooftop and Bud delivered the teddy bear to Santa Claus.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa laughed. “Jessica will be so happy to receive this teddy bear. You elves have saved the day!”


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