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Santa’s Computer Travels


One evening before Christmas Eve, Santa and the elves were sitting around the fireplace in Santa’s Den.

Bonnie, sad that her job was almost over for the year, said, “I wish I could go with you to deliver presents to all the boys and girls around the world, Santa.” All the other elves agreed.

Now Santa thought and thought for a moment, and then he got an idea. “Why, you can all go with me on my journey around the world Christmas Eve,” said Santa, with a twinkle in his eye. “You can go on Santa’s Christmas Eve Travels from the computer!”


The elves gathered around Santa’s computer. On the screen was Santa’s Christmas Eve Trip, a computer game.

“On Christmas Eve, you can all go on the journey around the world with me,” said Santa.

“In fact, you can even help me. It’s not easy delivering presents to all the boys and girls around the world before daybreak.”

On Christmas Eve, the elves played the computer game and moved Santa from house to house, landing his sleigh on rooftop after rooftop as he made his journey around the world.


“This is exciting!” said Bonnie. “It’s just like being in the sleigh with Santa!”

Hopping down chimneys and tiptoeing through doors big and small, the elves helped Santa Claus deliver toys to all the good girls and boys around the world.

Then, something happened. Santa was delivering toys at one house and a child woke up. “We’ve got to get Santa out of there!” exclaimed Bonnie.


“We can’t let a child see Santa!” Bonnie quickly pressed Santa’s "magic dust" button, and Santa and all the toys under the tree became invisible. The child soon went back to bed.

The elves all cheered, happy that Santa had yet again made it out of another house without being seen by a child.

“This is so exciting!” said Bonnie. “I’m going to play this computer game every year from now on!”


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