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The Special Gift

A child is a god’s blessing regardless whether it is differently abled or not. These children are special because they might need extra help because of their physical, emotional or learning disabilities. So why do parent’s become upset when they learn that their child maybe special? It is because they are not ready to “ACCEPT” it. Accepting that the child needs extra help is important and is the first step. Only then can you find appropriate measures to help these specially gifted children.

I am just like you

Two tiny eyes and a cute little nose

An angelic face with a crown of rainbows

Just like a diamond shining and rare

I am my mumma’s cuddly little bear

Treat me no differently, I am just like you

I am a special gift only given to few!

The dilemma begins with “Why me god” followed by other questions like What will happen to the child after my death? Will these children ever get married? Will I be able to love this child unconditionally? Isn’t this child a life long burden on me? …the debate continues. I am not saying that it will be easy but with patience and love, you will slowly overcome the barriers and help these kids lead a normal life.

Life will be challenging for kids with special needs. It might be harder to do everyday tasks like brushing their teeth, getting dressed for school, tying their shoe laces, learning basic concepts etc. The main aim of the parents should be trying to keep these kids as independent as possible.

It is advisable to put your child in a school that caters to their special needs. These schools have highly trained teachers, the latest tools and methods, caring shadow teachers and all the other necessary resources that will cater to the needs of your child.

Don’t make them compete with other children. This will make them feel helpless and lonely. They will find it very difficult to cope in an environment like this. They will surely reach their milestones but at their own time. Patience is the key.

As a parent you will need to be flexible, creative and persistent. Establishing a good support system at home and at school is necessary. Talk to the caregivers at school and maintain a diary where you jot down their behavior issues, developmental issues, learning issues, mental health and medical issues and work on them diligently. You can also find support in other parents with special needs children. You will become empowered by sharing and learning with other parents.

The gift of a special needs child should be a matter of pride for all the parents. All you need to do is just ACCEPT, BE THERE for your child, SUPPORT him/her endlessly, LOVE unconditionally and BE PERSISTENT to help him/her reach their goal.

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