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LEGO Classes


As an early scientist, a child will explore animals, forms/shapes, counting, the alphabet and making discoveries. This class emphasizes playful learning using Lego early year activities.


Little Brooks provides teacher-led instruction followed by hands-on learning experiences. Students gain skills and confidence through creating, exploring and problem-solving.


It helps children to learn:

  • Three dimensional thinking

  • Literacy skills (as kids work with instructions)

  • Problem solving, organization, and planning by construction

  • Communication and critical thinking

  • Improved creativity

  • Fine motor skill development

  • Hand-eye coordination


Come and build with us and experience the creative world of Lego Bricks.... 

Little Gymsters


Researchers have repeatedly found connections between fitness and brain health, which naturally impacts all areas of brain function, such as cognitive thinking skills and memory. 


Our carefully constructed programs are constantly analyzed and adjusted according to up-to-the-minute advances in medical and psychological research. Our main objectives are to ensure that program ingredients are safe, age-appropriate and optimal for building self-esteem.


During this engaging class, the youngsters are elated as they sing, dance, swing, play games, watch puppet shows, take turns on special rides, and have "Surprise Time!" Our Little Gymsters feel great about themselves as they learn gymnastics in a constantly changing program with fresh ingredients and new equipment setups each week

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