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After School


Little Brooks, gives parents the confidence that their children are safe and having fun, along with a quality program that keeps their children growing and learning outside the classroom.

Our after-school program for early learners ages 3 to 8 years was created to specifically provide a safe, fun, and enriching location for younger children during out-of-school time hours. Children enrolled in this program attend the full-day preschool or kindergarten program.
We’re proud to say our program includes the latest and greatest thinking on how to boost young kids’ skills. Art, dramatic play, problem-solving, language, motor skills, and more – you’ll find our curriculum experts have put together a variety of age-appropriate group and individual activities designed to keep children exploring and growing.

Little Brooks programs feature four mind-expanding educational learning centers that allow exploration and discovery at the child's pace and enables teachers to individualize attention and encourage children to make choices appropriate to their needs:


  • Creative Arts centre

  • Dramatic Play Centre

  • Language Arts Centre

  • Blocks Centre

In addition to the four early learning centers offered at every Little Brooks, after school program, we give young children additional opportunities to flourish through enrichments woven right into the daily schedule:

Values Program - Supporting character-building behaviors such as, helpfulness, respect, friendship, responsibility and cooperation
Fitness - Physical activity, health and nutrition, all help children stay active


Creative World

At the creative world our aim is to make a child confident not only in thier language skills, but become fluent communicator, enhance their vocabulary, in the process evolve into a confident & well rounded individual.


Story telling is the oldest form of learning, which helps stimulate a child's imagincation & memory, while imparting values & morals.


Specific themes are selected per month & the stories revolve around the theme. Stories are narrated with props like puppets, models & values.


Speech and Drama enhances the childs confidence for public speaking.

Mother Toddler


There' something about getting out there and sharing an activity with your little one.


Yes, it's fun and learning.... But a big part of what makes the experience worthwhile in the CONNECT.


The experience is about bringing your children in vicinity of other children and yourself alongside other parents.


It increases bond between the parent and the toddler. Helps toddlers to gain confidence in socializing with others while still in the presence of their parents.


Nourishes curiosity and enjoyment of activities and object.

Phonics Bliss


Phonics bless is fun & child approach toward teaching literary through synthetic phonics.


The children are not only taught the alphabet sounds but all the 42 sounds and how they are written, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children.


Benefits of learning phonics:


  • It increases the child's limited vocabulary.

  • Children learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words.

  • They learn to construct the sentences independently.


Batch starting from 22nd January. Free Demo class. Call for details.

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