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The International Preschool Curriculum® (IPC®) operates as a professional association of international educational institutions.

It was founded to strengthen and harmonize early childhood education standards. As a professional association that directly serves schools, learners, parents and governments, the IPC offers a unique set of products and services that promote active learning and effective practices in teaching.
Headquartered in the United States, the IPC’s objective and research based curriculum meets the standards set by state departments and accreditation organizations. The IPC is internationally recognized and works closely with governments to amend curricula materials if required to ensure local compliance.
With the assistance of an advisory committee, which consists of peers, consultants and academics, the IPC ensures that its curriculum maintains its rigor and quality.
The IPC also offers an extensive teacher training program designed by a former teaching fellow at Harvard University. The 6-month certificate course reinforces essential teaching skills and establishes a minimum standard for teaching practices in IPC schools.

The International Preschool Curriculum consists of 56 thematic units. All units encompass six trans-disciplinary content learning areas: (1) Language Arts; (2) Socio-Emotional Skills; (3) Numeracy; (4) Creative and Visual Arts; (5) Sciences; (6) Fine and Gross Motor Skills. The curriculum is based on proven and peer reviewed concepts that include play, inquiry and objective based learning styles.

There are five underlying themes and objectives of the IPC that are designed to cultivate critical thinking, raise self-awareness, promote an understanding of other cultures and encourage internationalism and multilingualism. The IPC takes the prevailing view that the first few years of a child's life provide a vital opportunity for development. The IPC involves family and parents wherever possible in understanding and facilitating the objectives of the organization.

The IPC was devised and developed by a team of experienced early childhood educators and academics.

Little Brooks is associated with Get Set Go Kids Fitness Program which is incorporated as a part of our curriculum. Once a week there is a Get Set Go class for all our preschoolers.

GetSetGo is a super fun-filled multi-activity fitness program that excites and encourages little kids to be physically active. We are a bunch of passionate people who come up with crazy and imaginative activity ideas to let your kids have a blast! 

We know your children love the i-pad, the television, the mobiles and the gaming console. But we firmly believe that it is equally important to run, jump, kick and throw from an early age. It just helps them enjoy playing sport as they grow up.

We hate being even mildly scientific - but we help children develop better locomotor movements and co-ordination skills which is the foundation for advanced sport specific activities at the later ages. Thats it. No more science. Just fun.....all the way!

We love to work with 2 to 6 year olds. And why do we do that? Simple! Because we are like them . . . full of fun and energy. 

Age 2-6: The little champions are exposed to 24 fun activities with colourful equipment, funky music and imaginative themes. 


FUN, FUN AND MORE FUN.....running between cones, hopping like a bunny, jumping over hurdles, bouncing a basketball, kicking a football, throwing and catching colourful scarves, hitting bean bags with paddles, moving around with a parachute, going crazy with different types of balls, having fun with pool noodles, becoming monsters with spaghetti, walking through our colourful balancing beams, your child will enjoy doing all this and much more!

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