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Kids Outings - A stimulating experience.


Outings are one of the best ways of bringing new, stimulating, mind-stretching experiences to the young child. A pre-schooler is basically ignorant - he simply does not know much yet because he has not lived long nor experienced enough. No one can really "tell" this child much - words alone do not do the job. He has to see things for himself - he needs first-hand experiences. Later words can build on these experiences. Outings, now, are a perfect means of learning for him.

Outings for a pre-schoolers should be short. Young children tire easily, and a tired, irritable, child won't learn much. The destination need not be spectacular either. To a young child, the railway station, the supermarket or florist shop, the post office, the park, the steam and other every day locations are a treat.

A good outing is one that has a relaxed pace with time for talking en route, both coming and going. There ought to be time, too, for several short stops along the way. Unexpected explorations can sometimes be better than the main outings itself. And at any stop, the child needs time to stand and watch, time to touch, time to explore. Pre-schoolers are unable to take all they see at a glance. There are countless opportunities to point out sights that your child might otherwise miss. And there are countless opportunities for you to ask provocative questions that might not even occur to the child.

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